At Saturday,25 of April 2017  3 senior high school is doing an internal school event at Bali Field. All of the competitors must come at 07.00 to attend an opening ceremony. The opening ceremony took about 30 minuetes. the opening ceremony finished, the competition begin. The competition today, held for the 10th grader. My first class match is relay run . Unfortunately my class lost from X SCIENCE 7 because one of our friend fell down when he got the relay stick. After the relay run we have ‘gobak sodor’ competition at 08.20 , that held in football field. Gobak sodor is a traditional games  from Indonesia. In  this game our class win from X Acceleration Class. We were so happy to win this match.  After the gobak sodor game, the boys took part in basketball competition. The boys that are consist of 5 people must competiting with X SCIENCE 8 , the boys win with the score 14-7. After the basketball games, we moved to bangsal for girls double badminton competiton. The girls from…




In life you will meet so many wonderful people that helped you during your happy or hard moment in life.  One of the most important person that helped me besides my parents and family is my coach.

In 2015 after I finished all of my national exam, I kind of dont have any spesific activities. I just joining a swimming team that I joined for about 2 years. At that time I am just a passive swimming athletes. Yes I've been competiting in several triathlon competition but it just for fun and my dad makes me do it.  I've planned to stop doing an active sport  when I high school. At that time I have no dreams to become any national athelete.

May 2015. Indonesia national triathlon coach asked me if I want to joined the national team practice or not. That thing    is not even ever crossed in my mind , to be asked to practice with the national team. I said yes definitely.

The first time I joined the practice I had no idea how it would be, all I see when I arrived at the track…
Learn From Nature Nature is a place where we live in. Our life is really demanding to nature. Almost all of our life needs is taken from the nature.  Starting from oxygen for breathing, woods for building our house as a place for a living, fruits for eating, water for our hydration, fisheries, and many plant for medicine. So what actually we can learn from nature and what is our action as a ‘thank you’ for nature?                 Not just fulfilling our needs nature also teaches us many lesson of life. The first one is nature don’t hurry but it accomplished everything. Everything takes time but surely done, not like human, seems like were rushing for everything but sometimes at the end that thing is not done yet actually. Second one, nature teaches us that everything has a purpose. Nature  teach us no matter how small a creature is, it still matter to our life if it’s not directly matter to our life there is must be a way that connect our life to that creatures.  The third one is natu…
My Last Holiday  to Makassar Last holiday my family and I went to Makassar for a family holiday. My family members that joined this trip are my mother, my brother, my aunt, my grandfather , and my cousin.  My  brother and my cousin had never been to Makassar before. So this is their first visit to Makassar.
We went there by an airplane. We took lion air flight that depart at 06.00 am in the morning. We arrived at the airport at 05.00 and we just went to the lion air counter for check-in and baggage drop. After we got our boarding pass we went to the boarding lounge and wait until our airplane arrived. At 06.00 our airplane arrived and the airplane crew let us to inside the airplane. This flight took about 2 hours , with hour time difference between Bandung and Makassar. We arrived at 9.00 am WITA. When  we  arrived at Sultan Hasanudin Airport ,the situation is quite crowded . We waited for our baggage, after we took all of our baggage we went out from the airport and we were picked …
HYDROPONIC Hydroponicsis a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Terrestrial plants may be grown with only their roots exposed to the mineral solution, or the roots may be supported by an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel.In this time we used rockwool ‘ Tools and Materials: RockwoolLiquid nutritionNetSeedsMeasuring glassMediaWaterPaper
Steps: 1.Cut rockwool into 2 cm x 2 cm 2.Put it in the media and soak with water 3.Drain without squeezing it 4.Make a hole with tooth pick 5.Insert the seeds 6.Close the media with paper one day until the new plant come 7.Insert the rockwool into the net 8.Wait until the new plant grow So, here is the link for our video
link video : https://youtu.be/7_1QJA-ExOk